The postdoc will do research on the ecology of microorganisms involved in denitrification and Dissimilatory Nitrate Reduction to Ammonium (DNRA) in agricultural soils. Whereas DNRA leads to the retention of N in the form of ammonium, denitrification results in N loss through the production of gaseous N-compounds, including the ozone-depleting and greenhouse gas nitrous oxide. The aim of the project is to decipher the factors controlling the two groups of nitrate-respiring bacteria that govern the fate of nitrate in soil and in the rhizosphere. This is essential for development of strategies for increased nitrogen use efficiency in cropping systems and decreased nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions.

The project includes the design and implementation of microcosm and greenhouse experiments as well as molecular work, analyses of plant traits, soil chemical analysis, data analysis and writing of scientific articles. The molecular work includes analyses of community composition and abundance of denitrifiers and DNRA bacteria based on sequencing and qPCR, combined with bioinformatics and biostatistics.

This 2-year position is placed in the Soil Microbiology Group, with Prof Sara Hallin and Dr Aurelien Saghai. We welcome your application until August 25th and the starting date is flexible. More information on the position itself as well as the procedure to apply can be found here.

Application deadline:
Start date: Flexible