PhD or MS position in eco-evo dynamics of plant-microbe interaction

Position will start in the Fall 2023. The student’s research focus will have flexibility but will generally fall within current lab interests, including: eco-evolutionary dynamics of plant-microbe interactions, impacts of environmental stressors on plant-microbe interactions in coastal ecosystems and influence of microbes on host plant fitness.

About the Lumibao Lab:

Our lab is expanding! We study plants and microbes, either individually as an organism or their interactions in response to changes in their environment. Our research spans a wide array of scales – from millennial to annual temporal scales, local to continental spatial scales – and across different ecosystems.

Known locally as The Island University, TAMU-CC is a premier research institution ideally located on the Gulf of Mexico. The candidate will pursue a PhD in the Marine Biology Program – for more information about the program, check this out:

Applicants should be highly self-motivated and have at least one year of research experience (or at least an equivalent of that). Strong applicants will have some experience in molecular/microbial work, and in statistical computing (e.g., experience using R). However, grad school is also about learning new things, so if you don’t have any of those experiences but willing to learn, don’t easily give up and if you think that plants and microbes are cool, please apply. Preference will be given to PhD-seeking students who have a master’s degree, though this is not required. MS applicants are also encouraged to apply.  

Interested students should send via email to Dr. Candice Lumibao at by November 1st, 2022 for informal zoom chat/interview:

(1) brief statement of interest or cover letter describing experience and potential research interests and general career goals, (2) CV (3) unofficial transcript, (4) email addresses for 3 references

Application deadline:
Start date:
Location: Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi (USA)