We are seeking two Postdoctoral Researchers to join a team of scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Lab studying plant-microbial interactions and the nutrient resource economy in sustainable bioenergy systems, with an emphasis on rhizosphere and fungal-hyphosphere interactions (Apply here: https://us.smrtr.io/_yB). The research will involve stable isotope probing, ‘omics (metagenomics, transcriptomics, metatranscriptomics) and imaging technologies (NanoSIMS and other novel imaging approaches). Desired candidates should have previous experience in soil microbial ecology or plant-microbial ecology. These positions will support LLNL’s Bioenergy ‘Microbiospheres’ Scientific Focus Area (https://bio-sfa.llnl.gov/) and a DOE Early Career project (PI Nuccio). This position is in Livermore CA; starting salary is approximately $97K USD.

If you will be at ISME18 in Lausanne (Aug 14-19) and are interested in discussing the position in person, please leave a message in your application.


  • PhD in Microbial Ecology, Soil Ecology, Plant Biology, Microbiology or related field and demonstrated experience.
  • Experience in designing, running, and analyzing data from plant or soil microbial ecology studies in either field or greenhouse settings.
  • Experience with cultivation techniques for plant, fungal, or bacterial interactions studies.
  • Experience with bioinformatics and statistical analyses of metabolic pathways, functional gene patterns and microbial community assembly.
  • Publication record in the peer-reviewed literature reflecting intellectual leadership and scientific creativity
  • Demonstrated ability as an independent and innovative experimentalist
  • Significant experience in written and verbal communication skills necessary to independently deliver presentations and prepare written publications, and reports.

Additional Desired Qualifications

  • Experience working with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi is highly desired.
  • Experience analyzing ‘omics datasets (metagenome, metatranscriptome, metaproteome, or metabolomics).
  • Experience with stable isotope probing techniques (e.g., SIP) or rhizosphere microscopy.

Apply here:  https://us.smrtr.io/_yB

Application deadline:
Start date: ASAP
Location: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Livermore, CA USA)